Live Audition Form

Instructions for live auditions:


  • Sing 16 measures of any song in your vocal part with piano accompaniment, music track or a cappella.
  • Sing, in a “la”, from the bottom to the top and back down of your range without piano accompaniment. Use a major scale format.

Wind and String Instrumentalists:

  • Play 16 measures each of one lyrical and one technical piece of music.
  • Play, in half steps, from the bottom of your range to the top and back down.

Download the Audition Sheet Music for Percussion

Instructions for completing the Live Audition Request Form:

  1. Choose an audition location from the Location drop down
  2. Move to the corresponding audition date on the calendar and select that date
  3. Select an Audition time from the available choices (times highlighted in gray are not available)
  4. After selecting a valid time choice (time box will turn green) complete the remainder of the form and then submit